We believe in self-service BI

One of the key expertise within TIQRI is with introducing and implementing strategies to enable self-service BI within enterprise organizations. Self-service BI empowers business users with the data and freedom to implement their own BI dashboards.

We focus on

  • Developing a Culture of Analytics
  • Implementing the BI delivery approach
  • BI Solution implementation model
  • Data discovery and semantic models
  • User training

Enterprise Integration Architecture

  • Single point for integration
  • Enterprise API catalog to discover, understand and onboard system
  • Ability to easily publish new changes and features to the existing APIS
  • Secure model to hide backend system APIs
  • Capability to adopt to new requirements without braking existing systems
  • Ability to Monitor and manage usage, performance and failures by each

Enterprise wide Office 365 Integration

  • Managing Acces and user information via Azure active directory
  • Enterprise wide Sharepoint implementation
    – Portal to collaborate with internal and external users which contains:
    -Securely maintain and discover documents​
    – Automate business processes using workflows​
    – Interactive real time reports​
    – Dashboards and KPI​ – Power BI
  • Implementing solution Integrating to Office 365 services through Microsoft Graph
    API implementation.
  • B2B application integration