It has been a wonderful five years at TIQRI. During this period, I have had many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. TIQRI will help you reach as high as you are willing to go. That is the culture and environment incubated many of my co-workers to be the best in industry. Of course, the people are amazing, and the friendships are lifelong at TIQRI.

TIQRI has a better work environment because of social events, challenges, and friendly communication between staff members. People know their role exactly and are not hesitant to do more than the expected because of the TIQRIan culture.

Here I am, grateful to a team that believes in disruptive and agile software development while adding immense value to our clientele and the overall IT industry. Thus, I am grateful to be a part of the ‘TIQRI Team’ and keen on covering many more years of fantabulous milestones.