We are a Norwegian company with roots in Sri Lanka. Our 20 year journey in Sri Lanka is because of the strength that lies in the skilled talent in Information Technology and communication which has enabled us to be the best technology partner to our clients.

When we started to run low on internal software development resources in Norway during the late 90’s, the job market in Norway was super-hot and it was almost impossible to find and hire the required skills and resources necessary to scale our software development efforts.

After a short stint with some offshore partners in India during 1996 – 98, we finally decided to establish our own software organisation in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1999.

Since then, our incredible talented staff in Sri Lanka have spent the past 20 years creating inspiring business software solutions together with our esteemed clients worldwide.

Tiqri continue building our strength through providing long-term career development for all our staff, and at the same time creating close collaboration with leading «tech-companies» across the globe. Together, we’re creating high-tech solutions for industries covering from Banking & Finance, through Logistics, Robotics & Automation, Real Estate, and Public Transport, to mention some.

One of the important and “hidden assets” of the Sri Lankan workforce market is the close global collaboration between our local universities and global international universities. This secures the best possible training for our very talented workforce, securing a highly relevant output every year to serve a continuously growing & hungry industry.

In Tiqri, we work & live remotely with our clients from the U.S., Ireland, Scandinavia, Belgium and the Middle East, through high-speed leased-line connections and live video, and we’ll be pleased to welcoming you to experience working with our committed teams.

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